Would like to Win at Sales? Just Be a Gopher!

win at sales cartoon

One of the things that drives me nuts most within the business world is that this glut of acronyms. Okay, some make sense. But there’s a whole lot of blatantly manufactured acronyms available in the market (I’m observing you, self-help business books) that just make me insane.

I see plenty of stuff like, ”To win at sales try to be a G.O.P.H.E.R.!”

  • G – Go get ‘em!
  • O – Only give your best!
  • P – Partner with individuals who can help you!
  • H – Help those that need it!
  • E – Early to bed, early to rise…
  • R – Able to succeed?! GO!

So animals aren’t your thing? How about C.O.F.F.E.E.:

  • C – Come to work!
  • O – Offer your expertise!
  • F – Free yourself from negative thoughts!
  • F – Specialize in the duty handy!
  • E – Examine your goals!
  • E – Everything is awesome! Be positive!

Honestly, i may do that all day. Thankfully, we cartoonists get to poke fun at this kind of thing, both as a profession and a sort of therapy.

Okay, now who’s able to get some COFFEE for his or her GOPHER?

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