Why Postal Mail Marketing Is absolutely not Dead! (Video)

These days of small business marketing everyone is interested by digital and social marketing techniques a good way to reach a bigger collection of people for a far lower price. While this may be an ideal way to increase your brands reach, mail marketing, if done correctly, could be a a lot more effective way of reaching potential customers. Here’s why postal mail marketing seriously isn’t dead!

I recently received, within the mail, a small package from DIY website builder, Jimdo . During this package was a hand written note, a small Jimdo screen cleaner and a mini pack of gummi bears. Take a look at my video about this here , or watch below to peer why this package had successful effects on me and why I’ll remember them much differently than the alternative providers of their category.

I’ve recently heard loads of stories about other companies who’ve achieved great success with mail marketing campaigns. The fellows at Iron Tribe Fitness shared the success that they had with a mail campaign to potential customers at a up to date event we hung on NYC. As Forrest Walden, CEO and Founder, noted to the crowd, “you ought to discover a creative strategy to get past the complete ‘junk mail’ so that they open your package”. Iron Tribe did this by sending a small mailer that included a spy glass with it’s marketing information. The undeniable fact that the recipient knew the package contained something moved it immediately to the ‘must open – I’m intrigued’ pile and the response they received was huge.

As Seth Godin said at another recent event in NYC , “Be Weird!”. Effective business marketing is typically about being weird and thinking outside of the box to return up with something creative that ‘sticks’ with whomever you’re marketing to. Ultimately what you are attempting to attain is being that one company that they consider once they are able to make a purchase order. Mail marketing could have that effect – so don’t bury it just yet!

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