Using Awesome Video to Debut and Display Your Products

If you didn’t happen to catch the video stream of the new Apple event it was kicked-off by an awesome video that set the tone for the development and reminded people, in spectacular fashion, what Apple stands for. Stunning video was used again to debut the iPhone 6 and the long-awaited Apple Watch.

Never has an eye looked so cool, so sexy, and so desirable.

It’s worth noting because Apple’s remarkable success has always been in accordance with a mixture of serious products and great marketing. The awesome videos utilized in their presentation were just the newest example of that.

It’s also a superb reminder for any small business owner. No matter what your service or product is, your success is predicated on a mix of serious product and great marketing. And today, greater than ever, great marketing requires video — GREAT video :

If you spend any time staring at the numerous varieties of video that business owners currently use to advertise their products, you understand there’s a gigantic difference between “okay” video and great video. Successful companies, like Apple, don’t accept “okay” and neither if you. Your product must be great, your service must be great, your website has to be great, and your videos have to be great.

One common kind of video is The Talking Business Owner. It’s often done with some sort of logo or graphics inside the background. If you’re ever seeking to bore your audience quickly, it really is a method to do it. With few exceptions, it lacks the visual interest and creativity required to maintain a viewer interested. Let alone that it’s somewhat too “salesy” to watch and hear any business owner go on and on about how great their products or services is.

Another common variety of video is the PowerPoint presentation converted to video. In case you suffered throughout the majority of PowerPoint presentations, you’re able to attest to the undeniable fact that converting them to video doesn’t usually make for a terrific video.

So, if you would like great marketing and great video, do what Steve Jobs did when he was only a small business owner seeking to compete with the gigantic guys. Acknowledge what you do really, very well – and hunt down and hire others who do the things you don’t do really really well…but must be done really, rather well on your business to achieve success.

Image: Apple Video Still

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