Twitter’s Vine Video App Presents New Opportunities for Businesses

Vine , Twitter’s new video app, was recently released to the general public , giving users the power to create short, looping videos and distribute them to their social networks.

The looping videos, which act somewhat more like GIFs, can only be as much as six seconds long, so it is going to not be enough time for some brands to share any meaningful messages to consumers. However, years ago it would not have seemed possible that brands could get through to consumers with a sequence of 140-character blurbs, but now using Twitter seems almost essential for businesses.

Vine could present just another opportunity for brands to hook up with consumers on social media and probably make a snappy impression or give a teaser for a brand new product. The app may also simply be used to provide previews of full-length videos that could actually present more of a whole message to consumers a few brand or product.

vine video app

For the long run, Vine may also mean new advertising opportunities for brands on Twitter. Twitter hasn’t announced any official plans for a Promoted Tweets form of offer for Vine media, but such an offering may have some benefits for certain brands, in addition to giving Twitter more revenue streams.

Videos from Vine’s Make-a-Scene app appear in expanded tweets, as shown within the photo above, and play automatically. In the Vine app, videos include sound. When the videos are embedded in tweets, the sound is automatically muted but users can press a button to un-mute them.

Vine videos may additionally include different clips stitched together into one video, as opposed to just allowing one continuous shot. This sets it moreover one of the other mobile video apps which have launched recently, all trying to grab the title of “Instagram for video.”

Vine was originally a 3-person startup that Twitter acquired in October 2012. The service never launched publicly until Twitter took over and unveiled the app this week.

Currently, Vine’s Make-a-Scene app is simply available without cost on iOS devices, but Twitter says that it’s engaged on bringing the app to more devices one day.

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