Transforming Twitter With More Images Means More Social

You’ve definitely heard the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it seems that Twitter would agree.  It is now possible to tag multiple photos in one tweet.

Twitter Tagging Photos

Twitter 6.3, the upgraded version of Twitter, brings multiple features which might be expected to make use of the positioning more engaging. Essentially the mostsome of the most interesting among them is the ability to tag multiple photos in a single tweet.

Twitter now allows users as many as four images in one tweet and as much as ten people tagged . The thumbnails of the photos you might be planning to upload will appear within the Tweet composer. To look these photos full screen, simply tap them. You can too swipe each of them to maneuver to the following image. The four images will appear in collage form to your tweet.

twitter tagging

Express Yourself Beyond 140 Characters

The limit anyone can use to precise his or her thoughts on Twitter is 140 characters. So will the pictures soak up most of the character space permitted? No, images aren’t counted under the characters so users can add images and, simultaneously, express their thoughts in 140 characters.

Easy to take away Tags

Not only are you able to easily tag individuals in photos, as displayed below, but you could just as easily remove them.  Just tap at the image to get an in depth view of the tweet. An ellipsis sign occurs on the end of the tweet and you may click it to see the “Remove tag” option.

twitter tagging

Monitoring Your Profile

Users be able to observe Twitter tagging in images. You could visit the safety settings of Twitter and manage who can and can’t tag you in a photograph. You may selectively view and choose existing tags to determine the ones you ought to keep and the ones you remove.

A More Powerful Social Media Platform

Allowing more images in tweets takes Twitter a step closer towards becoming much more social.

But the question remains: With the increasing changes, has Twitter’s metamorphosis towards becoming another Facebook already started?

Tablet Photo via Shutterstock, Screenshots via Twitter

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