Top News: A Study Says 98 Percent of Mobile Malware Targets Android

Small business owners need information to remain competitive. But following the newest updates even on your industry could be tough with everything else in your plate.

The Small Business Trends editorial team wraps all of it up and puts it in a single place on your benefit.


Your Android phone generally is a target . A report from Kaspersky Labs says 98 percent of mobile malware now targets the Android operating system. It’s not too surprising given Android’s popularity, but how safe is your mobile technology now?

Huawei launches five new devices . The China-based company is now targeting the U.S. market. And with their low cost, they could attract budget conscious small business owners. Here’s a top level view of the five latest devices and a glance at when U.S. business owners could be able to  come up with some.

Welcome to the way forward for business cards . TouchBase Technologies imagines a business card with conductive ink. Tap the cardboard on a contact’s smartphone and your information is straight away transferred.


It’s crowdsourcing by yourself domain . Sure, Indigogo and Kickstarter provde the ability to quickly and simply raise funds to your startup. But CrowdtiltOpen offers something more — an opportunity to feature your personal branding.

Grand St. may be a new place for tech hardware startups . In case your new small business isn’t a site but instead a “leather organizer which can charge your smartphone” or an “iOS enabled guitar,” you might have considered trying to do this. You possibly can sell consumer ready, beta test a brand new product or take preorders.

Microsoft OneDrive is finally here . And it seems it’s way more than simply a reputation change. The newly branded Microsoft cloud storage service has just a few new surprises for users. Lets look at what you get along with your OneDrive account.

This Chrome feature will alert you of malware . Too bad some feel it could already look similar to a malware trick. A box appears in your screen when Chrome detects a metamorphosis for your settings. But some users say here’s precisely the sort of thing Google tells people to go looking out for.

Social Media

LinkedIn will soon open its publishing platform . Last week the social network for professionals announced a brand new publishing option have been opened to about 25,000 members. And plenty more should be given access soon, the corporate says. Posts you create will appear on your LinkedIn profile, but could eventually have much greater influence.

Social media customer care . Businesses of all sizes are taking social media more seriously. Nowhere is that this more clear than inside the expansion of businesses like Brand Embassy. Social media monitoring is available in all styles and sizes. But here is one of several latest.

This service is for social media management . Socialbakers has raised $26 million to further improve its offerings. But up to now components include analytics, management of social channels, social media listening and more. There also are numerous resources and social media marketing reports for different countries.

0 This Pinterest marketing tool listens for your brand 0 . Discover, from Pinterest analytics and social marketing company Tailwind, has some features that can give insight. They include monitoring the variety of followers, repins, likes and comments.

1 This report says Facebook ads encourage “fake” clicks 1 . The concept is that users paid so as to add “likes” to precise accounts with a pretend profile also “like” other accounts too to disguise their activities. The very best of those to locate will be accounts that happen in Facebook ads.


2 U.S. House passes important smartphone bill 2 . The proposed legislation would let you “unlock” your smartphone once your contract expires. The bill must still be passed within the Senate and will face further amendment. But some say the ban on “bulk unlocking” remains business unfriendly.

3 This program funds exporters 3 . Members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship believe the State Trade and Export Promotion Program is a need. The pilot program gave grants to small businesses seeking global markets and a few want it renewed.

4 More funds for Score are possible 4 . If U.S. Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho) has his way, SCORE could receive $10.5 million by 2015. The organization offers free mentoring to small businesses from an estimated 11,000 volunteers.


5 3D Printshow gives glimpse of commercial uses 5 . There appears to be like lots of excitement over 3D printing in this day and age and the results for small business and entrepreneurship seem clear. This event gives an excellent broader perspective of possible business uses for the technology.

Advice & Resources

6 Entrepreneurs are optimistic people 6 . Now there’s data to back that up. Despite all of the complaints in regards to the economy, a contemporary survey shows entrepreneurs remain pretty positive. Small Business Trends Publisher Anita Campbell reports.

7 Plan for the worst 7 . It may take you 1000 days to work out your income rise again after starting a brand new business. It could not be the type of uplifting talk you are expecting from entrepreneurs, however it is a practical expectation. In the event you plan to quit your job to begin a business, say goodbye to that steady paycheck for your time.


8 Easy methods to automate the hiring of latest staff 8 . This text promises a walk-through of software designed to automate the hiring process. You’ll be able to maintain a career portal where perspective employees can apply. You can even keep track of these applications once received.

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