The right way to Handle a Public Relations Crisis

public relations crisis

Admit it: None folks are as graceful as we expect we’re. We’ve all “stepped in it” so-to-speak and infrequently, the effects aren’t pretty. Whether we’re out for a run or walking in the confines of our home, we’ve all had an ungainly moment with unintended consequences. Likewise, irrespective of how appropriately you run your online business, if you’ve been in business long enough, then you’re guaranteed to receive publicity you don’t like.

Meet Nivia, the main target of today’s case study.

After releasing its “ Re-Civilize Yourself ” ad campaign, Nivia was criticized for undertones that many claimed were racist. The ad prominently featured a clean-shaven black man tossing away a head with an afro and facial hair, implying that he was throwing away his old-self to “Re-Civilize” himself.

Fortunately, Nivia has become a job model of the way small businesses should handle a public relations crisis and negative PR situations, immediately apologizing through social media and other platforms. Nivia then removed the ad and suspended the campaign due to widespread backlash.

If your small business becomes the guts of unwanted controversy and a public relations crisis, it’s important to grasp find out how to react.

Avoid Knee-Jerk Reactions

Whether warranted or unwarranted, it’s important to stay calm while handling any type of controversy online. In the event that your brand did nothing wrong, including Cheerios of their recent “Just Checking” ad (seen below), then there’s no reason to withdraw any of your campaigns or apologize for a wrongdoing.

However, if there’s legitimate dicey-ness comparable to within the Nivia campaign, you’ll certainly react as quickly as possible and not using a knee-jerk reaction.

Remember, an inappropriate response may cause more damage.

It’s Sometimes Better to claim Nothing

Sometimes it’s better to remain quiet and avoid making the location worse than to attempt and provides a lengthy explanation and apology.

Just like avoiding a knee-jerk reaction, sometimes less is more. Especially when your brand is under heightened scrutiny.

Be Aware Moving Forward

When it involves new marketing strategies and campaigns, sometimes we get so excited within the potential value that we forget to think about any potential pitfalls. Just as you would possibly trip while walking since you weren’t being attentive, many controversies happen because marketers didn’t fully consider or understand the dynamics of a campaign.

Ultimately, how one can handle controversy is to avoid it. But just as Cheerios learned, sometimes controversy is unwarranted and may come swiftly from various sects of the net community.

By handling a public relations crisis and controversy appropriately and gracefully, your brand can be capable of establish itself as one of the vital professional in its industry.

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