The 5 Biggest Brands on Facebook And the way They Do It

Unless you’re living under a rock, you then know that having a robust business Facebook page is very important. To assert that the topic of “how to make use of Facebook” was covered at this point is an irony.

It’s been thoroughly exhausted.

So, I won’t bore you with the same old list of tips. Let’s approach this topic from an additional angle by examining the five biggest brands on Facebook, what they’re doing, and why it really works. (Please note, the selection of likes reflected below will have changed because the date of this publication.)

Facebook: 88,080,008 Likes

biggest brands on facebook

What: Facebook has a little an unfair advantage. In fact, if you happen to enroll in an account, among the first things you’re encouraged to do is “like” Facebook. Oh well. Facebook makes it worth it slow by posting numerous universally accessible content.

Why: The Facebook approach works because they tell stories of universal appeal. Never underestimate the facility of letting people in for your corporate culture.

Coca-Cola: 59,768,606 Likes

biggest brands on facebook

What: The Coca-Cola Facebook page was actually started by two big Coke fans, Michael Jedrzejewski and Dusty Sorg. When Facebook mandated that brand pages needed to be owned by the corporations they represented, Coca-Cola was quick to rent at the pair as consultants. In any case, that they had garnered over 1 million fans.

Why: Coca-Cola’s Facebook presence is such a success since it advocates a way of life of positive change and social good. Coke doesn’t hawk its own products on Facebook, and neither do you have to.

MTV: 42,478,787 Likes

biggest brands on facebook

What: Believe it or not, this page actually only had 1 million “likes” in 2010. Now it has greater than 42 million. MTV built its success at the drive to interact with users. With a page the dimensions of MTV’s, it’s virtually impossible to connect to even nearly all of users. However, the MTV Facebook crew works overtime to develop a extremely real and tangible connection.

Why: MTV is continually reaching back to its demographic. Don’t get too big in your britches; stay connected with the fans that extend out to you and judge to consume what it’s important to offer. If that suggests it’s essential budget an hour per day for Facebook interaction, then do it.

Disney: 42,304,688 Likes

biggest brands on facebook

What: Disney truly has a universal appeal. In fact, who else has made movies on your grandparents (after they were kids) in addition to you and your kids Disney knows that they have got a large net to cast, but they achieve this in a sensible way. They reach the exploding Facebook population by sharing content that bridges generations.

Why: The Disney page works as it explores milestones and historical marks, connecting nostalgia with the existing. Although your organization is young, I’d want to urge you to start out celebrating milestones and history now. It’s an ideal way to hook up with your fans.

Converse: 35,282,070 Likes

biggest brands on facebook

What: Converse in all fairness new to this list, displacing Red Bull within the previous couple of months. Of their first year on Facebook, Converse grew from nothing to 30.5 million “likes” by encouraging their fans to create content with them.

Why: Converse knows that folk aren’t the objective of content channels. Persons are the content channels. Treat your Facebook fans like valuable parts of your strategy, and never just the recipients, and you’ll be o.k..

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