Still Googling Your Contacts? Nimble Says Kiss That Goodbye

Nimble , the client relationship management application that automatically connects social networks with other contact information, has just kicked it up a notch. The corporate claims you could quit Googling your contacts to determine more about them.

Nimble recently introduced a brand new feature called Smart Summary that company executives say accomplishes far beyond what most CRM applications can. The app uses social intelligence when compiling details about your main contacts.

Smart Summary compiles this knowledge at the fly assembling a user-friendly overview of significant details about a contact. Now you’ll find at a look what’s most necessary about all those to whom you’re connected.

That includes details like Facebook and LinkedIn connections, Klout score, website URLs and more.

According to Alyson Stone, Director of Content Strategy at Nimble, what’s different about Smart Summary is that the profile is created automatically after you have identified a contact.

The information is pulled from publicly available sources and compiled by the Nimble app right into a “dossier-type” format. While other applications can have fields where you could summarize information, you sometimes need to manually enter it. Otherwise you get bits and pieces of data, without seeing a great overview of your contact. Not just does Nimble create the summary initially, Stone emphasizes, however it updates it daily to mirror changes.

What’s more, the data is “portable.” In an email conversation with Small Business Trends, Stone explained:

“…users can click the percentage button next to the Title ‘Smart Summary’ and are then ready to quickly email a sensible Summary dossier to anyone. It’s geared toward making it easier for folks to become generally known as ‘super connectors’ who help others meet.”

Unlike looking for available details about contacts on Google, Nimble uses social intelligence, drawing data from social profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare and other social sites.

From these, it creates a mini-profile including experience, education, shared connections, location and more.

In addition to basic background like work experience and education, Nimble’s Smart Summary also identifies shared influential topics together with your contacts in accordance with social media activity. As an example, if considered one of your contacts posts regularly on topics like social media or content marketing, these topics may be listed along with his or her profile.

The app uses keywords in common between the you and your contacts to aid emphasize common interests and concepts. The mini-profile sits on the right side of your contact screen while the app is open.

According to Stone, the issue that Nimble’s Smart Summary is designed to resolve is the overwhelm from being excited about such a lot of social networks. These networks provide rather a lot information that it’s hard to maintain it straight. Nimble, she says, aims to handle this issue by organizing the $64000 information and helping you step back to look the forest in preference to just the trees. First, it takes away the grunt work of inputting each of the information manually. Then it frees you of the necessity to update that information regularly.

But also, Stone says, the app lets you prioritize the ideas and contacts you’re most fascinated about maintaining with. It really is handled through a “Mark as Important” button that organizes your contacts in line with your priorities.

Stone explained:

“Nimble provide you with the alternative to mark any contact as “Important.” The effect of this action is thon the system will present their updates and communications to you at the top of the implications. Marking someone as important is a method of keeping a very powerful people front and center.”

Here’s a better have a look at how Nimble’s Smart Summary works:

Nimble, based in Santa Monica, California, was founded in 2009 by Jon Ferrara, who previously founded GoldMine. Nimble has greater than 60,000 customers. Well over half those are small to medium sized businesses.

Like increasingly leading apps at the moment, Nimble offers a freemium model with a free personal plan, and a paid marketing strategy. The corporate also offers a no-bank card limited free trial. Nimble integrates with over 45 other applications. They include Constant Contact, Freshbooks, Google Contacts, AWeber, Evernote, MailChimp, GoToWebinar, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Magento and Xero.

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