Small Business News You’ve Missed The Week of June 26

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Didn’t have time to read everything this week?  Never fear, we’ll quickly get you up to the mark.

This week the small business news we covered included healthcare issues, resembling the potential of higher costs under Obamacare for employers which have younger, healthier employees. Crowdfunding was within the news, too, with certainly one of Kickstarter’s biggest success stories entering into controversy.

You’ll also desire to examine the service that may replace social media and paid texting and about technical issues of the most recent MacBook.

Small Business Trends’ editorial team finds stories important to small businesses — and puts them into perspective.


Healthier employees could lead on to greater healthcare increases . It’s an aspect effect of Obamacare unanticipated by some. But when your team is principally healthier and younger employees, experts say you’ll feel it.  That’s because insurers are spreading the prices around to more groups.

Learn more about healthcare exchanges . Michael W. Zuna, Executive Vp of Aflac U.S. shared his expertise to give an explanation for the finer points of healthcare exchanges including SHOP exchanges. What is going to the hot healthcare system mean to you?


Ouya angers Kickstarter backers . Fans happily funded the revolutionary gaming console with the concept they’d get theirs first. But some backers complain they’ve now been left behind.

The business of raising awareness . It was the role of nonprofits only. But CrowdCases shows how raising awareness is known as a business model too, for one startup.

The Tie Society and the way forward for the subscription model . They’ve become the “Netflix of Ties.” Brent Leary interviews Co-founder and CEO Zac Gittins and CMO Jake Kuczeruk to benefit more about how they did it.

Franchising job growth measured . Franchises created 19,160 jobs in May. Joel Libava reviews the inaugural ADP National Franchise Report and what it tells us, and never.


WhatsApp gives texting, social alternatives . This app from two former Yahoo engineers is growing in popularity. It also offers a future for business communications freed from paid texting and social media ads.

Users complain about MacBook Air . When’s the last time you heard an Apple customer complain? It’s happening now!  Business owners considering new laptops for themselves and their teams should take heed.

Bizible replaces AdWords widget on Salesforce . Pratik Dholakiya, Co-Founder and VP of promoting for E2M Solutions and OnlyDesign, introduces new options for tracking your AdWords campaigns.

Coming soon: A smartphone with zoom attached . Your smartphone camera might work fine. But when you’ve ever desired to improve the photos you produce, this product announcement could be for you.

0 Ativ Q switches between Windows 8 and Android 4.2 0 . We talk a good deal about hybrid mobile devices nowadays, because the line blur between tablets and laptops, and cell phones and cameras, and well … whatever. Here’s one hybrid that changes  from one operating system to a different.

1 How MOZ tools make clear SEO 1 . Internet online affiliate marketing involves greater than just ranking well with serps. SEOmoz has made changes in its optimization tools that take this into account. TJ McCue, Product Review Editor of Small Business Trends, has a review of Moz.

Social Media

2 Paula Deen controversy hits social media 2 . Social media is utilized by many entrepreneurs and small businesses to construct a brand. It could tear one down in addition, as Paula Deen’s family-owned business has learned.  Fans and detractors square off.

3 Foursquare permits you to register friends to construct engagement 3 . Now your customers can sign in their friends. Observers believe it should attract more customers and create better social engagement.

4 A guide to Google Plus for business 4 . Google Plus has become a vital business tool. To start, make sure you have built a Google Plus page on your brand. Get more details in our step-by-step.

5 What Facebook has learned about you 5 . We all know Facebook collects data on its users. The question now could be how much information and with whom it truly is shared.


6 Microsoft pulls plug on eCommerce effort 6 . It was code named “Project Brazil.” We may never know what shape Microsoft’s vision of eCommerce might need taken.

7 Everyone it kind of feels, including Amazon, is suddenly into 3D printers 7 . Individuals are talking about these trendy devices and the way they are able to change manufacturing, especially for small-scale manufacturers reminiscent of crafters. Want your individual?  Even Amazon has gotten into the sport, with a 3D Printer “store.”


8 Grumpy Cat gets movie deal 8 . The viral sensation could become a box office draw. What can the adventures of a tragic looking online kitty teach us about marketing?

9 Brand rivalries become marketing trend 9 . Amie Marse, founding father of content generation firm Content Equals Money, tells us about this latest confrontational style.

Customer Service

0 Why consumers hate checkout 0 . Consumers love shopping at what you are promoting. But they don’t like finding out, reports Rieva Lesonsky. Here’s the right way to improve the placement.


1 The nice Recession has changed small business credit 1 . Many of the lending requirements are easing. But everything about small business credit has changed for the reason that recession. Professor Scott Shane has more.

Book Reviews

2 Get a “Crowdsourced Performance Review 2 .”  Some say the humble performance review used to judge employees is  outdated. Pierre DeBois reviews Eric Mosely’s book on 360 reviews and the way we’d replace it.

3 How one can “Be the Red Jacket 3 .” Sales is a crucial portion of business, in fact. Pierre DeBois reviews Leanne Hoagland-Smith’s book about how sales really gets done.

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