Not Everyone Has Twitter. But Everyone Has Text. ChattBack’s Service Helps With Mobile Customer support

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Although we’d wish to think that “everyone” has Twitter and uses Twitter on their phone – “everyone” would not.

Furthermore, wouldn’t or not it’s great in case you could easily enable your customers to txt you without worying that that the text was going public on the web or which you missed answering it?

ChattBack  is service that lets your customers text to you and you’ll manage the incoming text by having it routed to other staff so it’s not tied to only YOUR PHONE.

Simple service, but big results for small business owners and their customers.

Often times customers just desire to be heard – ChattBack helps you do this. Other times customers desire to praise an employee, why not allow them to try this?

There are a whole lot of customer support tools and options available on the market – carefully decide what your GOAL is and which one works for you.

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