Man waits close to 24 hours for Playstation 5 only to be turned away – WKTV

HERKIMER, N.Y. —  If you’re looking to get your hands on the Playstation 5, you’re not alone. It’s been deemed nationally as one of the most sought after holiday gift items of the year.

Aaron Papalao waited in front of the Herkimer Gamestop for 21 hours to try and get his hands on a Playstation 5. A few days prior to Black Friday, Aaron received an ad on his phone from Gamestop. The fine print guaranteeing every store will have at least two of the consoles in stock.

Stores were not doing pre-orders with the consoles on Black Friday, so it was first come first serve. 

“A PlayStation is an awfully sought after gift this holiday season. With how everything’s going with the pandemic, I thought maybe I’d make Christmas a little extra special for my son, and my brother and I will pick up a couple,” said Papalao. 

Papalao, missing all of Thanksgiving with his family, brought a small mattress to the front of the store, and camped out for the night. He was first in line. He said about 40 others showed up a little later. Some waiting a long as 18 hours. Papalao said when the manager arrived at the store on Black Friday, 5 minutes before opening, he placed a sign on the doors saying the Playstation 5 was sold out.

Aaron, obviously frustrated, went to the manager looking for answers. Papalao said the manager told Aaron he didn’t have any. Papalao then called other Gamestops across the area looking for answers.

“I contacted the Rome store, the manager was unavailable and I spoke to an associate. He again assured me that if Herkimer is telling me they don’t have any, that’s a lie,” said Papalao.

NEWSChannel 2 also asked the manager of the Herkimer store about the Playstation 5. He told our reporters he didn’t want to get into details, but they had to be shipped out.

Other stores reporting that shipments of the gaming system may not go to certain stores because of demand despite being advertised that way.

Papalao said he will not give up, and vows to get his hands on a Playstation 5.

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Man waits close to 24 hours for Playstation 5 only to be turned away – WKTV

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