Know about SMB Internet Security – Chat Recap

A recent report from Symantec shows that cyber criminals target small businesses more frequently.

To discuss specific findings from that report, Symantec recently sponsored a Twitter chat and made two experts available on Twitter to reply to questions about the subject of SMB Internet security.

Kevin Haley , director, Symantec security response, Symantec –  @kphaley , Jay Epton , Director SMB Sales for the EMEA Northern Region, Symantec – @Jay_Epton , and yours truly, Anita Campbell , Small Business Trends joined up with other members of the small business community for the discussion. Below are selected highlights of that chat.

And Web-based attacks increased by 30 percent in 2012, Haley added. After all, attacks on websites and computers aren’t the sole way cyber criminals gain access on your important business data. The mobile revolution has spread out a complete new frontier for cyber crime.

But Epton said businesses also needs to understand the hazards. As an instance, Symantec has found that during 2012, mobile malware increased by 58 percent. Haley added that an amazing step is to coach employees about privacy settings on mobile devices and in regards to the dangers of downloading rogue applications.


One of the most typical attacks small businesses have to be waiting for is the so-called “watering hole” attack, Haley explained:  

For protection, Epton recommended deploying firewalls, gateway AV, intrusion detection and intrusion systems and Web security gateway solutions in your network. But he also said nothing can replace giving your employees the understanding they should counter the threat.  

To this end, how are we able to help employees and become more aware ourselves of the threats available in the market?


Detecting compromised sites isn’t always really easy, on condition that legitimate sites are usually hijacked by hackers, Haley said. Security concerns give small businesses loads to give thought. Experts acknowledge protecting your corporation from cyber attack could be a bit overwhelming. But they are saying that’s exactly what makes small businesses such prime targets.

Thanks to Symantec for sponsoring this chat and for providing the subject material experts as speakers.

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