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Jaguar recently announced it will become an all-electric brand by 2025. The automaker is now on the hunt for a partner to develop the platform for its future EVs. 

The UK-based company’s current lineup will come to an end as the brand transitions to electric, and the first EV is due by 2024. When asked about the decision to work with a partner, Jaguar CEO Thierry Bollore said: 

“Was a matter of scale and speed to go to market.”

That’s the truth. Converting an automotive brand from internal combustion to all-electric in just four years is quite the feat. Outside help sounds sensible. The company didn’t say who it is talking with, but if Jaguar doesn’t find a partner they are prepared to develop the architecture in-house. When asked about this Bollore said:

“It may be that we develop platform internally, but it has to be design led. There is no point doing what we are doing with Jaguar unless these products are drop dead gorgeous.”

Jaguar has design as the priority for the development of its upcoming lineup. Gerry McGovern, Jaguar Land Rover’s head of design, will have a say in the choice of partner and is being given a lot of freedom to decide what type of vehicle and architecture to go with. He said: 

“Great design begins with volume of proportions and clearly Jaguars will have quite significant different volumes of proportion compared to Land Rovers. Therefore, we need to look for opportunities out there in terms of architectures that we could utilize or refine to give the stunning jaw-dropping Jaguars I’m talking about.” 

JLR had plans to use the company’s MLA electrified platform in an all-electric Jaguar XJ, but decided against it. Land Rover models will utilize the MLA platform and Jaguar will get its own.

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Jaguar Is Looking For A Partner To Help Develop Its Future EV Models – InsideEVs

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