Invoicing Might be Simple and Integrated. Sage One Delivers.

Sage One is Sage’s relatively new service offering very small businesses an multi functional suite to administer their accounting, projects, tasks, invoices and sharing of knowledge. It goes face to face with numerous other collaboration services that supply similar services – some offering more and a few offering less.

However, recently Sage One added the facility not to only invoice but facilitate payment besides.

“In this economy individuals are doing more with less, and that’s very true for entrepreneurs,” said Mike Savory, product manager for Sage One. “With the mixing of Sage Payment Solutions, busy entrepreneurs can receives a commission faster and spend more time on growing their businesses, in place of chasing down payment from their customers, reconciling invoices, and wasting time going to the bank.”

Many people use a myriad of point solutions from Freshbooks, to Outright, to Quickbooks (which has inbuilt invoicing and accounting), ASANA, Google Docs, Office365 and dozens of alternative great services.

Services, equivalent to Sage One, that supply an multi functional solution make it easier for solo professionals to regulate their teams and their business.

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