How you can Make a Business Out of Playing Games

What almost all people bring to mind as a hobby or method to unwind can actually become a viable business venture. From YouTube videos including reviews and “let’s plays,” to giant gaming tournaments with six figure prizes, there are a stunning variety of how to develop online game playing right into a viable business.

Johnathan Wendel, known by his tag name Fatal1ty within the gaming world, has taken his favorite past time and transformed it right into a lucrative endeavor. Wendel dabbled in active sports like tennis and golf before dedicating himself to video gaming professionally.

As a toddler, Wendel dreamed of changing into a game tester or programmer. However, he found his true calling in competitive tournaments. After his first win within the 1999  Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), he walked out $4000 richer, and with a brand new drive for eSports.

Wendel said in a web interview with Small Biz Trends:

“With my success at my first actual professional tournament, I quickly realized i may make a living at playing games. i used to be in shock, and likewise extremely excited for my future.”

Considered the first and most prominent professional gamer, Wendel has earned over $500 thousand dollars in prize money in multiple tournaments.

But, perhaps more importantly, he have been ready to turn that success right into a successful brand and business. Using the earnings from tournaments, Wendel opened Fatal1ty Inc. in 2002 and today offers fans all over the world gaming accessories, computer mice, headsets, snacks and more, often branded with the Fatal1ty logo.

business out of playing video games

Wendel have been featured in a 60 Minutes special in addition to Forbes and The hot York Times. And in 2007, he was awarded the 1st ever eSports Lifetime achievement award for “showing exceptional sportsmanship, playing shaping eSports into what it’s today and for being the prime representative of this young sport. He has become the figurehead for eSports worldwide.”

Wendel adds:

“[My business] has allowed me to continue with my passion for gamers and eSports during the last 12 years. i’ll do that for the remainder of my life. I’ve given everything i will be able to to aid grow eSports and it’s going to be my on going mission for the remainder of my life to spread the word of competitive gaming. My brand Fatal1ty Gaming Gear has given lots to eSports over time, and that i plan on continuing that effort going forward with the correct opportunities and the appropriate partners.

As for the business side of factors, it does cut into my time of just playing the games and enjoying myself, but i locate the way to make either one of my passions work. I’m just grateful they both go hand in hand. “

Tournament play isn’t the only option in the market for those seeking to become profitable playing games.

Platforms like YouTube and Twitch offer communities for players, with live feeds and “let’s plays”, videos wherein the host will play through part or all of a specific game on screen while explaining one of the vital finer points for other players. Today, the foremost subscribed to channel on YouTube belongs to a gamer which is called PewDiePie, who had over 29 million subscribers as of July of 2014.

PewDiePie , whose full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, currently earns an estimated $7 million annually in shared advertising revenue from his YouTube channel, Celebrity Net Worth reports . Kjellberg often uploads several videos per day, and these videos have quickly racked up millions of views.

business out of playing video games

Online Beta testing services like Game-Testers offer players the chance to play games before they’re even released for profit. Members have racked up greater than $1.4 million in earnings at the platform up to now, in accordance with Game-Testers.

Beta testing has its downsides, however. Most testers can be lucky to make minimum wage, and job security is poor. It can be good for several extra dollars here and there, but it’s not your only option in relation to gaming for profit.

As with most business ventures, getting started is usually the toughest part. Tournament play requires hours of practice and coaching and attracts the correct competitors from all over the world. YouTube channels require substantial amounts of views and subscriptions so that you can be profitable.

With enough labor, however, both can become lucrative ventures and appear poised for exponential growth.

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