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If you get a text asking you to click a link about a late package, just delete it — it’s a scam.

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A new text message scam is making its way around the country, trying to trick people into entering their credit card information by purporting they have a package to claim — taking advantage of the surge in online shopping that’s occurred in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past week, people across the US have been receiving text messages with the same message: “[Name], we found a parcel from [a recent month] owed to you. Kindly assume ownership and confirm for delivery here,” along with a link. But this is a scam, and you should avoid opening the link, a spokesperson from the Northern Indiana Better Business Bureau told news station WANE. We’ve reached out to the BBB for more information, and will update when we hear back.

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When you click the link, a page tells you that the alleged package is free of charge, but you’re still asked to provide your credit card information. 

The best thing to do to avoid falling victim to this scam is to delete the message as soon as you get it. If you’ve already clicked the link and/or entered your credit card information, you should run an antivirus software on your phone, and watch for suspicious credit card charges, the BBB spokesperson told WANE. You can also report the message to the BBB Scam Tracker. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the rise of hundreds of coronavirus-related scams, which cost consumers about $12 million as of April, according to the FTC. You can find out how to protect yourself against scams like these here.

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How to avoid the latest text scam about package deliveries – CNET

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