Having A Mobile Website is essential: Wix Develops New Product To Make That straightforward

Every business is seeking the way to build a far better mousetrap. Wix.com , a corporate that permits users to create dynamic DIY websites, is making an attempt to just do that with building a mobile website. As I’ve covered before , formatting websites to slot a mobile platform is an increasingly important on this age of smartphones and tablets, and Wix now allows its 38 million users to fine tune the mobile experience in their website.

Wix have been an increasingly viable option during the last few years for building an internet site. From its drag-and-drop ease to its ever evolving tool set, including Shopify and Google Apps , it continues to work to offer an easy experience for creating a website. Hundreds of templates and the power to create an e-commerce website are only a couple of more of the features that Wix offers. But, like every business that’s still growing, its mobile presence was lacking.

“There are many responsive design solutions accessible that work in blocks, scaling and rearranging components in response to screen size. Wix, however, is built on flexible layers so we got down to create an infinitely flexible and customizable mobile offering to compare and augment the Wix platform,” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix co-founder and CEO. “Our goal has always been to place the facility of the online into the hands of our users by providing tools to create and manage a qualified and comprehensive online presence. The new mobile solution is the most recent addition to the Wix suite, allowing SMBs, entrepreneurs and artistic professionals to compete effectively but the market evolves.” 

In the U.S. alone roughly 56% of adults own a smartphone, and 35% of usa citizens over the age of 16 own a tablet computer. With these staggering markets, it’s safe to assert that mobile experiences are a sizable cut of a website’s audience. For lots, which means converting a desktop optimized website, but sometimes the outcome can fall flat.

Wix converts the desktop website to the mobile platform, after which allows users to fine tune the experience exactly to their liking. Are looking to change the design around just a little? Wix allows you to try this. hide content you are feeling your audience won’t utilize through a mobile platform? Wix allows you to do this, too. The Wix mobile offering adheres to critical web and mobile best practices including a single URL structure across versions, a single source code, and a single source of content. Not just are these best practices great for SEO, additionally they make it easy for Wix users to preserve and manage their web presence, desktop to mobile, from a single location.

Short of hiring an internet designer in your business to painstakingly (and in all probability, expensively!) create your mobile experience, Wix is known as a handy alternative to making both a web and mobile experience to suit the purposes of your enterprise. Have you ever optimized your website for the mobile user? If not, what are you looking forward to?!

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