Groupon Introduces Pages, Google Rolls Out Penguin Update

This week, online deals service Groupon introduced a brand new feature called “Pages.” The brand new feature is analogous to Yelp in that it gives businesses a web space where they are able to display information and make allowance visitors to depart feedback. And that wasn’t the sole online update within the business world this week. Google also rolled out a brand new version of Google Penguin, which decreases search engine rankings for sites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Online Marketing

Groupon Introduces “Pages” Akin to Yelp – Sort Of

Groupon looks taking a page from the Yelp playbook introducing Groupon Pages . The brand new feature is another effort by the corporate to transport clear of its online coupon origins by providing more comprehensive services to small businesses.

The Flightless Bird Sets Sail, Google Penguin 3.0 Update Launched

It’s been nearly three hundred and sixty five days since Google has launched a Penguin update. Such a lot of saw this highly anticipated change coming. Officially announced Friday by Google on Search Engine Land, Penguin 3.0 is in full swing and has gotten us all talking. Penguin updates always aim to eliminate spam on the net, so we must always see some major changes soon.

16 Killer Places to Market Your App Besides Google

Developers of the app “Disconnect Mobile” have made big news lately, and never within the usual way. Google banned the app — twice — from the Google Play app store. (Though ultimately glance, it sort of feels to was reinstated again.) Disconnect Mobile prevents anyone from tracking or putting malware on a user’s device. And that comes with advertisers — hence Google’s displeasure .


Has the Recession Crushed SMB Owners’ Spirits for Good?

Are small business owners giving up? According to a up to date poll by Wells Fargo and Gallup, despite the fact that small business owners generally report being satisfied with their businesses, fewer of them feel successful than at another time prior to now 10 years.

Sole Proprietors’ Use of the house Office Tax Deduction is falling

While a massive fraction of U.S. businesses are home-based, few small business owners cash in on the home office tax deduction , Internal Revenue Service (IRS) statistics show.


Citrix Acquires E-Signature Company RightSignature

Citrix has acquired RightSignature, an e-signature company.  RightSignature is a web based software platform for getting digital signatures on electronic documents equivalent to contracts. The move is smart for Citrix, because its ShareFile application contains cloud file sharing and document storage.

Social Media

It Can be a Crime to Post Your Ballot on Twitter (And Other Voting Laws)

Did you already know that during the State of Ohio, this is a felony to post an image of your completed ballot on a social media site like Twitter or Facebook before you mail it in?  You might imagine of it as innocent sharing, but in accordance with the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio laws that predate social media make it against the law .

Business Gifts

Have a Techie on your Life? Hip Tablet Gift Ideas For 2014

Tablets are a modern piece of technology and are just continuing to grow in popularity. This popularity also makes a tablet a highly desirable gift to provide, but with a sea of options it’s not the best task to pick out the proper one. There are various things to contemplate when selecting a tablet ; price, power, and contours to call a number of.

Food and Craft Gift Ideas to your Business

There is an ever growing community of crafters, makers, and foodies worldwide. And there’s also an ever growing demand for the original products they bring. Likelihood is a number of your partners, customers, clients and employees  are among these creative connoisseurs .

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Home Inspection Franchise Saves Couple From Bankruptcy

Tom and Tracey Capuano went from being at the verge of filing for bankruptcy to thriving in a brand new business in barely over a decade. Inside the late 90’s, Tom’s heating and aircon business was failing. The couple was struggling to maintain their home and other assets. So that they looked into starting a different sort of business .

Mobile Technology

Nexus 9 Can be an Android Rival for iPad

Google and HTC are challenging Apple’s iconic iPad with a brand new Android tablet in their own. The 8.9-inch Nexus 9 may be available starting on Nov. 3. The display size makes the recent device just slightly larger than the comparable iPad Air 2 and its predecessor the iPad. The recent device is the newest in a growing line of 0 Nexus tablets 0 and smartphones, alike.

The iPad Air 2 is sort of a Tablet on a Diet, Thinnest Ever

The new iPad Air 2 recently unveiled by Apple is truly thin. How thin? So thin it’s 18 percent thinner than it predecessor, iPad Air, itself the successor to the unique iPad mobile tablet. It’s so thin Apple is really touting it because the thinnest iPad on the earth. Seriously, 1 iPad Air 2 1 is sort of a tablet on a diet.

The Oppo Phone Camera Can’t Miss, it Swivels 260 Degrees

The new oppo N3 phone has a camera that can’t miss. That’s since it can swivel 2 260 degrees 2 and Oppo is hoping its new N3 phablet is a genuine head turner. Actually, it’s much more likely that the Oppo N3’s own head will turn while creating better photo opportunities for you. The corporate has released several images of its new plus-sized phablet.

Nexus 6 Could Compete with iPhone 6 Plus, Other Phablets

Motorola’s Nexus 6 code named Shamu has finally surfaced and seems likely competition to the iPhone 6 Plus and other popular phablets. The 3 Nexus 6 3 encompasses a full 6-inch quad-HD display. That’s a half-inch larger than the brand new iPhone 6 Plus. That screen size also matches the size of the Nokia Lumia 1520 and outclasses the display of the Galaxy Note 4 at just 5.7-inches.

New Motorola Droid Turbo Phone Has Pro Camera And Wireless Charging

Forget Shamu-sized screens. The most recent Motorola is related to have a camera that strays into pro territory. And if that’s not enough, the brand new 4 Droid Turbo 4 is thought to be built with wireless (Qi) charging. a contemporary tweet by famed tech leaker Evan Blass of @evleaks gives us our first investigate the recent device. Motorola is attempting to make a dash within the hyper-competitive smartphone market.

New Xperia Smartphone Batteries Will Last For Days

The more we depend on smartphones for more and more tasks, the more it taxes the battery on our devices. That’s why it’s always ideal to take a charger if you’ve got a hectic day planned. To reply, many smartphone makers are touting the vitality in their new 5 phones’ batteries 5 .
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