Four Benefits of Adding a web site Visitor Survey for your Site

Website visitor survey

Customer satisfaction is everything in business. But understanding what customer’s want and the way they might react to any changes in pricing, product, promotion and packaging ( Phillip Kotler’s 4 P’s of selling), could be unnerving for any new business owner.Traditional survey methodologies like customer-interviews or panel discussions may be time-consuming and dear. And while social media is a smart platform for engaging with customers, it’s going to not give the precise insights had to make a business decision.

On the opposite hand, surveys embedded in your website are a reasonable, prompt approach to collate views from existing and potential customers. Website visitor surveys can be utilized by growing businesses to:

  • Collect information on website usability, content and design.  While website analytics is superb for understanding origination of website traffic and on-site visitor preferences, website survey allow you to really understand who’s visiting, why like your website and what they want to modify.
  • Gather customer feedback on new product launches, seasonal promotions and overall customer satisfaction. Although the only disadvantage of using website surveys for broader purposes is that you’ve a restricted audience (visitors in your website). As you expand your small business, you are able to always supplement website surveys with other collection methods resembling emails, telephonic interviews and panel discussions.

A website visitor survey offers the next benefits: 

  1. You capture feedback from target customers. People visiting your website are either already buying from you or a minimum of have a bent to take action. For content driven portals like Small Business Technology, it’s a device for gathering feedback from readers on what we’re doing right and what we have to better.
  2. Feedback is gathered real-time. Users are asked to submit their feedback at some extent of time once they at the moment are exploring information to your business. 
  3. Website surveys are less time-consuming and more cost-effective. Survey tools like Google Consumer survey are conducted over short duration and supply visually analyzed results, at affordable rates.
  4. Since website surveys are easy to design and execute, questions is additionally easily modified to satisfy business requirements. 

Tips on Creating a fantastic Website Visitor Survey

Website visitor surveys can be perceived as irritants to the surfing experience. This is by reason of surveys being enforced or too lengthy and complicated. The online audience is unlikely to spare quite a number minutes to provide feedback and therefore website visitor surveys are ideal when designed with a novel objective. Listed here are some recommendations on designing website visitor surveys :

  1. Pick one topic for feedback.  Keeping it simple may also help your audience understand the intent in the slightest degree possible time. 
  2. Word questions in clear, simple language.
  3. Restrict the selection of inquiries to under 10; don’t be afraid to maintain it under 5 if it serves your purpose
  4. Restricting access to content in your website conditional to a survey response may be counter-productive.  Give visitors the liberty to reply to the survey if and once they like. A good time to solicit feedback could be a couple of minutes into the web site surfing experience.
  5. Promote your survey through social media accounts (and email marketing when you have an ongoing campaign)
  6. Use it as a possibility to turn your visitors that their opinion matters. Share the findings and proposed steps basis the feedback received. 

There are plenty of tools available to create website surveys. just a few include:

  • Google Website Satisfaction Survey:   This free service can be utilized to invite 4 questions from visitors for as much as 500 responses over 30 days. The implications are analyzed and shared by Google in a downloadable report format with data visualization. That you could customize the questionnaire for 1¢ per response or $5.00 for 500 responses.
  • Survey Pie:  The free plan is appropriate for businesses seeking short-term website visitor surveys. For long-term and repeat online surveys the paid plan starts at $ 29.9 per 30 days.

Visitor website surveys offer smaller businesses the original opportunity to find valuable qualitative inputs at the effectiveness in their websites in addition to other facets in their business. However these surveys should be implemented without impeding the web site-user experience. Also, sharing key takeaways from the survey with the audience might actually help establish credibility with visitors.


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