Find the proper Hire by Tapping Into Social Media

perfect hire Are you trying to hire employees, contractors or interns this year Take a tip from a Washington Post article on how public radio station NPR used Twitter find employees .

When NPR’s standard methods of attempting to find interns fell short and the organization wasn’t getting enough candidates, they decided to spread the word through a Twitter campaign. The only week effort landed a flood of applications and caused hiring 15 new interns.

NPR’s move made sense for the reason that organization was trying to find employees who were social media savvy. What are you able to learn from NPR’s approach

Here are 3 ideas:

Think Outside the Box

While we would recall to mind LinkedIn first once we think about hiring, since that social media site is decided up for business networking, or even lets you post job openings, it’s not the sole strategy to go when using social media to locate job candidates.

Match the social media network on your needs: As an example, if you’re in the hunt for a Facebook marketing expert, or someone whose job involves many of socializing and outreach (together with a PR person), try reaching out on Facebook.

If you’re in search of a graphic designer or photographer, try spreading the word on a visually oriented social site like Tumblr or Instagram.

Get Niche

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn aren’t the single tips on how to go in relation to social media. Are there niche social media sites devoted to your industry

If so, they may be great places to post if you’re attempting to find someone with wide expertise on your industry. Even on Facebook and LinkedIn, you will get better results by drilling right down to industry oriented or skill oriented groups (reminiscent of groups for the producing industry or for B2B marketers) to spread the word about your open positions.

On Twitter, create new hashtags relevant on your open positions or use existing hashtags so your tweets be a focus for people following those topics. NPR, for example, used a hashtag “#pubjobs” to draw people interested by public media.

Always be Recruiting

You say you don’t have any open positions and no immediate plans to hire

No matter. With competition for talent heating up this year, once you do end up in need of staff, emerge as suffering compared to bigger companies. That’s why it’s important to give ongoing information regarding what your organization does, what it’s wish to be just right for you and what types of people and abilities you’re in the hunt for.

In addition to outright recruiting, NPR also did “soft” recruiting through the use of the hastag #nprlife to tweet about lifestyle on the office. The outreach gave potential candidates a glance at what it might be want to work on the company.

You can put the sort of information in your business’s website, under a heading “Working at X Corp.” or similar, where you may also list open positions and make contact with information in case you have openings.  All year long, share informal insights into what it’s wish to work at your online business for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  Those insights might be photos out of your latest staff potluck or tweets about what you’re engaged on now.

Showing off your enterprise as a fun, creative and rewarding place to work will go some distance toward building interest and goodwill that leads qualified candidates to you when the time comes.

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