Don’t Miss These Favorite Small Business Books From 2012

With the 2013 Small Business Book Awards underway, i couldn’t help but reminisce about my favorite small business books. i believed concerning the ones that made an impact on my state of mind moving forward.  I felt these books also impacted how small businesses could make a difference of their operations in addition to of their community.

Without further adieu, I present my favorite small business books from 2012. i’m hoping these inspire your thoughts for nominating your favorite small business books on this year’s awards.

No You Can’t Pick My Brain by Adrienne Graham

small This book ought to be every consultant’s first book to read before going into business.   It gives the most effective reminders of why you might be in business – to earn money.

Her quote, “There aren’t any amount of pleasantries, well meaning deeds, gestures or sandwiches pay your bills” remains etched in my mind as a favourite.

Yet the writing goes beyond quips to valid arguments and solid analysis  – a lesson for authors who think they are able to write any old article and attract a high-quality audience.

Data Driven Marketing by Mark Jeffery

small This textbook-in-disguise gets it right on the subject of envisioning metrics worth exploring.

Its value is in transforming surveyed responses into the tip marketing metrics that could influence operations and ultimately make analytics everyone’s business.

You should want to keep data driven marketing at your side. This is a solid book that sets a marketing context against other operations to your business. Business owners who want to learn can be in for a treat.

Our Black Year by Maggie Anderson with Ted Gregory

small I loved that the authors personalize the challenges facing black communities.

The concerns of racism and economic struggle have changed over the years into critical questions about class and where meaningful dollars are being spent.

The text speaks sharply to the post civil-rights African American middle class. The resources offered are impressive and the book will fascinate those that are interested in community development.

Small Town Rules by Becky McCray and Barry Moltz

small Both authors Becky McCray and Barry Moltz have had quite a few success on their lonesome, but this book must be considered a masterwork from them both.

Big and small companies are returning to the values of small towns and the 7 small town rules that they outline come from their real world experiences with large corporations and small business.

It’s an impressive blended overview of the impact of technology in addition to the impact on community as Our Black Year also outlines.

The beginning Up of You co-authored by LinkedIn Co-founder/Chairman, Reid Hoffman, and Entrepreneur Ben Casnocha

small I liked how Reid Hoffman balanced the significance of team and individualism in his view on networking and the book offers actionable concepts to head along side the philosophical notions.

It is that this sort of thinking that I easily imagine as a power to LinkedIn’s success.

Before you develop that earth-shattering app, read this book to achieve a way of proper value your startup needs to be bringing to the arena.

What are a number of your favorite small business books from 2012 Be happy to share them here within the comments. Or maybe better, consider nominating them for the 2013 Small Business Book Awards:

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