Ditch Your Fax Machine. Keep Your Faxes. Be More Productive.

i do know that each time your fax machine rings and paper starts popping out some people laugh at you, otherwise you cringe wondering why you couldn’t just get an email. However, sometimes, fax just works and in reality in some industries faxing is solely the style business remains done.

If you’ve got to send and receive faxes you could to boot think about using an internet fax service.

GFI Software recently announced the availability of GFI FaxMaker Online , a streamlined cloud-based fax solution designed to satisfy the desires of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). GFI FaxMaker Online provides ubiquitous faxing from any Internet-connected device, and not using a hardware, software or dedicated phone lines required.

Online faxing isn’t new, eFax (J2 Global) has had online faxing for years, but it’s always good to look new entrants available in the market.

When someone sends a fax for your virtual fax number, the fax is emailed to you. Once you would like to send a fax you print, just as you normally would, but instead print to the GFI Fax printer.

GFI tells me that the largest difference with GFI FaxMaker Online in comparison to competitors is that many online fax providers limit the variety of users, or charge more for adding users. This isn’t the case with GFI FaxMaker Online. Also, with GFI FaxMaker Online, users aren’t limited to a particular variety of pages for inbound faxing and a particular collection of pages for outbound faxing. The
subscription is for total collection of faxes, that could be all inward, all outward, or a mix of both.

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