Dear Local Business. It’s A while To polish. Such a lot of Services For You. Yiftee Debuts

Apparently ever since Google launched local service and native pages, small businesses have had a tremendous opportunity to expand their presence in local search. For sure Yelp led the way in which in local business directories for years and continues to be a significant player available in the market, joining what sounds like hundreds of different local business oriented services.

Yiftee is an app that’s recently launched, which enables customers to pick a present for somebody, from an area business. Here’s the way it works:

On your smart phone or web choose a present at a local merchant, pick your friend, and pay for the gift. Your friend immediately gets the gift notice via Facebook, email, and/or text, in addition to a single use digital bank card and gift/merchant description. Your friend takes her phone to the merchant, shows the digital bank card, and gets her gift!

Like many apps and online services, Yiftee seems to be more of an answer that’s searching for an issue – kind of like Facebook was when it first came on board or many other services.

What’s the use to your business Yiftee hopes to drive a following of local customers in your business. The more customers use Yiftee to present small gifts to others, the more local business, your small business gets.

You can’t get hurt from testing this new service…so try it out.

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