Coronavirus cases among Worcester Walmart employees reach 81; A total of 391 employees have been tested –

A total of 391 Walmart employees that were tested for COVID-19 on Thursday, 81 have been reported to be positive for the virus.

Officials have reported a total of 2,297 confirmed positive cases of coronavirus in Worcester City. This is an increase of 109 cases from Friday.

On Thursday, 391 employees at the Walmart on Tobias Boland Way were tested and the store was closed as a result of the outbreak.

Dr. Eric Dickson, the CEO of UMass Memorial Health Care, said the testing at Walmart is a great opportunity to examine the prevalence of disease within a group. It’s also a chance to test asymptomatic people, something that has not typically been possible.

The store has undergone a professional, deep cleaning, officials said. All employees must be tested before they return to work, per the city’s order.

As for towns around Worcester, there are 179 cases in Shrewsbury, 56 in Holden, 56 in Grafton and 97 in Leicester. There is no new data from Millbury but as of Friday, there were 150 cases.

Since April 1, Worcester has seen an increase of 2,183 new cases which averages 68 new cases per day.

The combined medical facilities of Saint Vincent Hospital and UMass Memorial Health Care had 280 total COVID-positive in-patients and 105 total COVID-positive ICU patients. To date, their facilities have had 114 total COVID-related deaths. A total of 183 of their employees have tested positive for the virus.

The homeless shelter at the DCU Center has 19 positive clients and the field hospital site at the DCU Center has 21 patients that are not classified as homeless.

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Coronavirus cases among Worcester Walmart employees reach 81; A total of 391 employees have been tested –

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