City wakes up to damage from protests that turned violent – Buffalo News

On Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo Sunday morning, at least a dozen businesses had broken windows as a result of protests that took place Saturday night and early Sunday.

Except for two banks — Bank of America and KeyBank — all the broken store windows were boarded up. Neighbors were out on the street sweeping up glass shards.

Outside Thirsty Buffalo just before 8 a.m., neighbor Jeffrey Lampke said he stopped to clean the sidewalk after getting off work at 7 a.m.

“I don’t like to see this in my city,” Lampke said.

Outside Hodge Liquor, Ashley Smith, the former director of the Elmwood Village Association, Scott Dunkle and others swept glass and debris. Dunkle said he heard protesters going along Bryant Street at 2 a.m.

Julia Spitz, another neighbor cleaning in front of Hodge Liquor and other Elmwood businesses, said she heard helicopters circling above before the curfew took effect at 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Reform Fitness, a shop next to Hodge Liquor, wasn’t damaged, but owner Brittany Gabryel came by to see if she could help the Hodge owner, who is her landlord. Her landlord “has been so amazing through this Covid thing,” Gabryel said.

Gabryel monitored her security system through the late evening, and said she was just concerned that everyone was safe. “As long as people don’t get hurt,” she said.

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Graffiti, broken windows and looting occurred from City Hall to other locations in Buffalo.

Here’s a look at some of the damage:

• There were several instances of graffiti as well as broken windows and fires in and around City Hall and Niagara Square.

• There was looting at the 7-Eleven on Niagara and Connecticut streets.

• There were many instances of property damage from Niagara Square to Main Street.

Locations with damage included: The Statler Hotel; Raw Renewal Yoga on Court Street (including multiple windows broken and a parking sign through a glass door, photo above), the old CVS store at Main and Court streets (multiple windows on both sides of corner building) as well as an adjacent corner store; Jackson Hewitt on Main, Main Jewelers, the old Department of Social Services offices and the Buffalo Civic Auto Ramp offices on Main, the Walter J. Mahoney State Office building on Court, The Antonio apartment building on Pearl Street; and the glass screen at the Lafayette Square NFTA Metro station was also shattered.

• Several storefronts along Elmwood Avenue were damaged

• Several businesses were damaged on the block of Elmwood from Utica to Hodge.

• According to police scanner reports, the Hertel Parker Liquor Store had windows broken and instances of looting.

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City wakes up to damage from protests that turned violent – Buffalo News

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