Are You Overwhelmed with Tasks. Here’s Four Methods to Help with Task Management

In line with the enterprise work management survey conducted by AtTask , which checked out the underlying reasons that workers miss deadlines, have to work overtime and/or lose confidence and morale for the firms they work for, nearly three in five workers – approximately 60 percent – are either completely overwhelmed or barely meeting their deadlines.

There’s a number of things I do to reinforce productivity:

  • A task management tool, like AtTask or Asana is a MUST to make sure you can manage the various “to do’s” to your to do list.
  • Maximizing your calendar is likewise critical. I be sure that not just do I enter information in my calendar but I review it the week before to make sure I’m on target that week and might plan out the approaching week.
  • Simple such things as disciplining myself to charge all my gadgets is a giant productivity booster. Nothing unproductive like having a laptop pc with 20 minutes of charge left!
  • Scheduling time for “busy work” is usually important. Not just do i take advantage of my calendar to maintain appointments, but I also use it to make appointments which are just “me time”.

Here’s an AtTaks infographic on “work”

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