Are You Marketing Across Channels? Constant Contact Says Multi Channel Marketing Works Best

Word of mouth is the number 1 variety of marketing that many smaller businesses use to get the word out about their business.

Of course some do radio advertising, some do print, some pass out flyers and naturally many others do various sorts of internet marketing and even events.

Constant Contact released  study which has found that companies which do “multi-channel marketing”, marketing beyond only one channel, find the foremost success of their marketing efforts.

The good thing about multi channel marketing is that it often takes a couple of “touch” for a prospect to precise interest in a product, it then might take several more touch points for a prospect to to buy.

Marketing across channels ensures that after the chance is able to buy, your brand or service are top of mind – their mind.

Their recent press release in this reads, “the overwhelming majority of small businesses and nonprofits (82%) have adopted multi-channel marketing programs, resulting in increased customer engagement, new customers, and more revenue. While, their top two marketing concerns are making their marketing dollars go further (59%) and choosing the correct marketing campaigns to run (56%).”

In a related announcement, Constant Contact recently bolstered its services and has made it easier for small businesses to leverage Constant Contact’s offerings from one easy to take advantage of platform called the Constant Contact Toolkit .

With these new service Constant Contact is now involved in not only getting message out but additionally enabling people to behave on those messages and aid you track (analytics) the response for your message.

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