Any.Do Makes Managing Tasks Simple

Most productive people will let you know that they stay productive, getting stuff done, because they retain some type of system. Usually, at its core, this can be a list. Any.Do is a role management app for iOS or Android smartphones which is designed to make you more productive.

The company did a little research to know how people achieve the best productivity. They found that folks who review their tasks daily are more productive, so that they created the “Any.Do Moment” as component of their system.

This moment is some minutes you put aside on a daily basis to check your tasks and move them between “Today,” “Tomorrow,” and “Someday.” Moving tasks is just a question of dragging them from one place to a different within the order it’s essential see them. product review

As I used the app, I viewed the “Any.Do Moment” as a reality check – could i actually get something done today or tomorrow and if not, then the someday box forced me to impeach the way it fit into my priorities.

As a role manager, it goes above and beyond expectations. In case you begin to type in a role, it’ll offer suggestions for auto-completing it. It will also automatically link you in your email or perhaps Amazon (in case your task is shopping). These features can prevent the small period of time it will take seek a contact or typing in an internet address. In the course of the day, all that point on small things adds up.

Any.Do doesn’t automatically include a calendar feature, so that you might want to download the companion app, “Cal,” with a view to get this. I connected mine to my Google Calendar and it really works seamlessly. Maybe a piece too seamless because I now get numerous reminders — some from Google, some from Any.Do.

Still, you could possibly fully integrate calendars with Any.Do, making it much more useful.

What I Liked:

  • The voice activation works great, even on slower Internet connections.
  • It was fun to shake the telephone to erase my deleted tasks.
  • It syncs with Google Tasks, and you may email your tasks to Any.Do.
  • You can share tasks with other folks, and you’ll receive a notification after they complete the duty.

What i need to peer:

  • If your phone is on silent, your entire alarms could be silent, too. i want to look an approach to follow phone settings (including vibrate) or to not follow them.
  • If you don’t review your tasks, you can get a message to do it. Although that is designed to extend productivity, spending time reviewing tasks daily isn’t an option for everybody.

When using Any.Do, you’ll discover ads because this app is free. It’s powerful for being a free download. All in all, it is a good way to maintain on top of your tasks, events, and meetings.

Image: Any.Do

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