After Its Chief’s Departure, What’s the Way forward for Google Plus?

The hot departure of Google Plus chief Vic Gundotra from the corporate has many wondering what’s going to become of Google’s social network.

In a Google Plus post announcing his departure, Gundotra praised the team that had helped build the social network and expressed excitement for its ongoing growth, writing :

“This is a gaggle of people that built social at Google against the skepticism of such a lot of. The expansion of active users is staggering, and speaks to the work of this team. Nonetheless it doesn’t let you know what sort of people they’re. They’re invincible dreamers. i like them. And that i will miss them dearly.”

Even Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page appeared to remain committed to Google Plus’ ongoing development. In his own post at the social network bidding Gundotra farewell, he added :

“I really enjoy using Google Plus each day, especially the car awesome movies which i actually love sharing with my friends and family. Good luck together with your next project after Google. Meanwhile, we’ll continue working hard to construct great new experiences for the ever increasing choice of Google Plus fans.”

Despite this, however, media sources like TechCrunch insist the network is the “walking dead,” unlikely to outlive Gundotra’s departure. Meanwhile, Business Insider has gone so far as to suggest Google Plus would be carved up. The basis is that teams liable for Hangouts and other features will be reassigned or their products sent off for independent development.

At 300 million active monthly users, Google Plus is unquestionably nowhere near Facebook in popularity. However, those enthusiastic about it like blogger Cendrine Marrouat insist it’s much too important to its regular community to be allowed to die.

In a post at Social Slant, Marrouat explains :

“Google Plus is just not a ghost town. Simply because your pals and family aren’t there doesn’t mean that it’s useless. Actually, the entire purpose of Google Plus is to permit you to hook up with new folks who share your interests.”

Add to this the recent launch of the social network’s +Post ads . There’s also this. Google Plus recently entered the pinnacle 15 mobile apps in comScore’s ranking, Marketing Land reports .

Given all of this, it’s a chunk hard to reconcile with a plan to actually shut down or drastically reduce the social network.

The question of whether any business venture can survive the departure of its leader or founder is frequently discussed in entrepreneurial circles.

Despite his iconic status, as an instance, it isn’t too hard to assume Facebook surviving the departure of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Apple has already survived the death of its guiding guru Steve Jobs with seeming success.

Twitter has survived and thrived seemingly independent of the fortunes of its founders.

It is still seen whether Google Plus will do a similar.

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