Add ‘Location’ To Your Facebook Page and Your Customers Are Now Your Advertisers!

Add ‘Location To Your Facebook Page and Your Customers Are Now Your Advertisers!

Your business’ physical presence can be utilized as a tool to reach more people using Facebook Places. If you already have a Facebook Page and a physical location you will gain higher visibility if you add a location to your Facebook Page. Like Foursquare, Facebook Places is a location based service which helps businesses spread the word about their physical store locations.

There are several location based services but the edge that Facebook has over other services is its large user base and chances that your customers, or prospective customers, may be on Facebook is very high. Facebook Places already has access to over 700 million Facebook users while the other services are still in the process of building a user base.

The service is generally accessed using a mobile device, when a user visits a business’ physical store location. The keyword in location based services is “check in”, when a user check’s into a local business, bar etc. this information is broadcasted in friends news feeds. This can act as a great tool to spread the word about your business through your existing customers.

How do businesses benefit from adding Facebook Place Location?

  • Word of Mouth: An average Facebook user has over a hundred friends and when a user checks into a place, it is broadcasted in the users’ friends news feed. Word of mouth advertising happens during a check in process allowing a lot more people to know about your business. Moreover there is a good chance of people going to a place recommended by their friends and acquaintances.
  • Reviews: Facebook Places also encourages users to write reviews that are either public or shared only within a user network. The reviews will play a major role in attracting customers or keeping them away from a business.
  • Offers: Facebook Places unlocks offers to users who check into their location. This is a great way to motivate users to check into a location.

Creating and Checking-in

If you still haven’t created your Place, it may already have been created by Facebook or a Facebook user. To verify if your Place already exists, search on and look in the returned results for the section marked “Places”. If you find your Place, you will have to claim it in order to take control and post on the Place. Here is some useful information from Facebook Places Location

If you do not find your place you need to be present at the location and launch Facebook Places using Facebook on smart-phones via or the Facebook app on your phone. Search nearby Places and click the ‘+’ or ‘Add’ icon to add your location.

You will now have to fill in your Place’s name and Description which can be edited at any time. Your Facebook Place creation will be complete when you click “Add”. Your Facebook Place is now ready for check-in.

Here is another great post from Mari Smith in the Social Media Examiner that describes the Facebook Places and gives you some tips.

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