Accessing Work Computers From A Mobile Device Could Reduce BYOD Burden

Smartphones have infiltrated the workplace and there’s practically nothing we will be able to do about it but adapt. This presents a massive security risk since data out of your business can go into employees’ private hands. Whenever you will not be worried about employee sabotage, try to be worried about unintended data breaches by employee phones which can be infected with Malware.

Regardless of the operating system running on it, a smartphone remains a small computer. Anything can breach it or even the neatest people turn out getting infection once in awhile. This can be one this is why mobile device management (MDM)  crawled out of the woodwork. But some individuals are not satisfied with this as a result of concerns involving employee privacy. Another alternative has appeared recently  called company-owned employee-enabled (COPE) , which seems to provide a more laissez-faire approach.

But there’s a fair easier method to take care of BYOD’s burden: allow employees to access their work computers from their smartphones. This kind, data is kept on the workstation and the worker can still access necessary materials. Currently, the simplest solution targeting businesses is independenceIT’s Cloud Workspace platform . With this solution, your employees can be capable of log in to their workstations very like they’d at your establishment.

Not only does Cloud Workspace give them control over the information they work with, however it also smoothly integrates telecommuting into your IT ecosystem. Whether the worker is connecting through a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, an ultrabook, or a desktop computer, the user may be capable of benefit from the full benefits of a piece environment from any location he/she could be accessing it from, so long as there’s a web connection. This may greatly boost employee (and your individual) productivity and add another option on your decision in managing the impact that BYOD can have for your business.

The only surefire option to mitigate the doubtless negative effect of BYOD is to ensure that work data doesn’t reach any device’s storage hardware. Cloud Workspace is an answer intended exactly for that purpose. Now, you recognize the 3 options you’ve got. All you need to do is decide!

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