a brand new Twist On Neighborhood Coupon Packages: Get Rich Customer Data and Boost Revenue

Everyone knows about coupons – we use them, our mothers used them and our grandmothers did too. We use them to get discounts at the things we’d like, love and wish. For local businesses it’s a good way to drive more revenue right into a local retail.

Welcomemat Services  has a brand new twist on coupons – giving local businesses rich data concerning the customers of their area and helping them boost revenue from a number of hundred to some thousand dollars extra per customer per year.

Here’s the way it works, in line with Welcomemat Services’ press release:

After a customer uses a present check, the business returns it to Welcomemat. The bar code is scanned and the resulting information is supplied back to the business in an effortless-to-read data sheet profiling the client’s new customers and providing demographics which includes the customer’s name, gender, income level, neighborhood and residential value. Welcomemat uses data from more than 35 sources to find newcomer addresses.

New residents receive their Welcomemat package within 30 to 120 days of moving in, with offers for things like $15 of free dry cleaning, complimentary haircuts or free car washes sent to countless numbers of families around the country every year.

Providing local businesses access to highly qualified new customers moving into the realm allows the business to develop and grow a normal, recurring customer base. Welcomemat founder, Brian Mattingly, says the subsequent revolution in local marketing isn’t discounting, couponing or online group deal buying – where customers are only as loyal because the coupon’s expiration date – it’s loyalty programs.

If you’re an area business there’s rather a lot opportunity to get new customers and keep those you’veyou’ve got you have got .

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