a brand new ‘Simple Choice’ In Wireless Service Plans From T-Mobile

Going wireless is a luxurious undertaking. In the event you own a small business, likelihood is that you’re already flooded with a whole bunch other expenses and don’t really have the budget to decide to a plan that provides you unlimited high-speed connectivity in your cellular telephone. You’re not alone. The Gerson Lehrman Group conducted a survey in December last year where it concluded that 90 percent of companies believe that the charges related to wireless mobility are too high.

Now, T-Mobile is hoping to capture your attention with a proposal this is relatively transparent, often known as the “ Simple Choice ” plan. It has had success as a client product, and now they want to cater to small businesses by allowing you to have a plan that fits your needs. Listed here are the highlights:

  • Your first line is $50 a month, and also you get unlimited talking, texting, and web (as much as 500 MB on a high-speed connection).
  • The second line will cost $30 a month with an analogous benefits because the first one.
  • Each additional line will cost an extra $10 monthly. Given these numbers, the plan is top-rated in situations where you’ve got greater than 2 employees. T-Mobile’s important points shows that this is often limited to five lines, with a two-line minimum.
  • To get 2 GB (in preference to 500 MB) on T-Mobile’s 4G network, you are able to do this by adding $10 to the price of each line. Another $10, and you’ve unlimited 4G connectivity.

Because of the inability of caps, you won’t get charged for overuse of the network (as is the case with many other carriers around the US). The billing process is more transparent, providing you with more leverage over your finances and making accounting a sweet and straightforward process (not less than at the telecom end).

As far as devices are concerned, you should use an unlocked device or purchase your individual from T-Mobile through monthly installments.

T-Mobile can also be offering a distinct perk for small businesses opting into their Simple Choice plan: You get 24/7 remote IT support and document management services for free of charge. This offer is barely valid until September 30, 2013.

If you’re feeling like this can be your quite thing, don’t overlook it. Deals just keep recuperating as carriers start implementing new technologies that cause them to more able to delivering services at affordable rates. If you’ve spotted something noteworthy from another carrier, join the discussion and leave a comment!

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