8 businesses in Winnebago County issued 2nd notice to close by health department – WREX-TV

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) — The Winnebago County Health Department has issued a second notice to close to multiple businesses for not following the state’s COVID-19 guidelines.

According to the Winnebago County Health Department’s website, the second closure notices were issued on Oct. 22.

Here’s a look at the 8 businesses that were issued a second notice to close:

  • Fozzy’s Bar & Grill, 6246 E. Riverside Blvd., Loves Park,
  • Neighbors Bar & Grill, 7745 Forest Hills Rd., Loves Park,
  • Doc’s Diner, 6499 N. 2nd St., Loves Park,
  • Latham Tap West, 2402 Latham St., Rockford
  • Golden Corral, 995 S. Perryville Rd, Rockford,
  • Hoffman House, 7550 E. State St., Rockford,
  • Ref’s Bar and Grill, 415 N. Center St., Durand,
  • Baseball Tap, 202 Walnut St., Cherry Valley,

Here’s what the health department said about the second closure notices for all 8 establishments:

A reasonable belief exists that the premises identified in this Order has engaged or is suspected of engaging in a significant amount of activity likely to spread the following dangerously contagious or infectious disease: COVID-19.

Doc’s Diner, Fozzy’s Bar and Grill and Neighbors Bar and Grill were the first three establishments flagged by the health department for not following COVID-19 guidelines.

Baseball Tap, Ref’s Bar and Grill and Hoffman House were the next businesses flagged for not following COVID-19 guidelines.

In total, the county has issued 21 closure notices to businesses for not following COVID-19 guidelines.

The City of Rockford says they’ll continue to investigate complaints related to bars and restaurants exceeding a 25-person occupancy limit, or not complying with reservation, face mask, or social distancing requirements.

The city also reminds people the enforcement efforts are meant to protect public health through education and voluntary compliance.

In terms of fines and additional enforcement measures, such as a suspension of liquor licenses, will only be used as a “last resort” for businesses who put the community’s health at risk, according to the City of Rockford.

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8 businesses in Winnebago County issued 2nd notice to close by health department – WREX-TV

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