7 Awesome Services for Data Visualizations and Infographics

infographic What’s your favorite tool or service to help create awesome data visualizations/infographics?

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1. Tableau and Datawrapper

Luke Skurman We’ve used  Tableau  and  DataWrapper  to create interactive visualizations for data dives and articles. Both tools have helped us move faster in creating and distributing relevant content.

–  Luke Skurman Niche.com

2. Mygraphs

Phil Chen For publishers of blogs and internet sites, a great and easy-to-use visualization tool is  mygraphs.com You can embed customized graphs that can be dynamically updated from an online interface. The benefit of not being static is that you can keep your articles evergreen without bugging your art department.

–  0 Phil Chen 0 ,  1 Systems Watch 1

3. Piktochart

2 Andrew Schrage 2 Even tech-challenged folks can use  3 Piktochart’s 3  service to easily create high-quality infographics. Your infographics can be customized and edited, and pricing starts at $29 per month.

–  4 Andrew Schrage 4 ,  5 Money Crashers Personal Finance 5

4. Canva.com

6 Joshua Lee 6 7 Canva.com 7  is an easy-to-use DIY web-based tool. I prefer tools that are web-based and that the least tech savvy person in my company could successfully use. Canva is point-and-click to stunning graphics. But for external projects, I prefer  8 visual.ly 8 . I love their global talent pool and marketplace.

–  9 Joshua Lee 9 ,  0 StandOut Authority 0

5. Infogram

1 doreen-bloch 1 2 Infogram 2 is one of my favorite tools to create professional, well-designed infographics. The online tool is incredibly easy to take advantage of, and the final products always look fantastic thanks to the diverse and aesthetically pleasing templates they have. Infogram is a great, free alternative to other infographic tools, so you can seamlessly create and share insightful visualizations based on your data.

–  3 Doreen Bloch 3 ,  4 Poshly Inc. 4

6. Picmonkey

5 Tolga Tanriseven 5 6 Picmonkey 6  and  7 Canva 7  are perfect for the small business owner with limited resources and/or no graphic designer. Especially Canva, but youcan use the two in conjunction with one another to create very polished graphics.

–  8 Tolga Tanriseven 8 ,  9 GirlsAskGuys 9

7. D3 Javascript Library

0 Jyot Singh 0 We love the  1 D3 1  framework here at RTS. It offers a variety of visually appealing options that transform data into attractive graphics which are easy to digest.

– Jyot Singh,  2 RTS Labs 2

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