6 Reasons To Capture Data and Create Information With Online Forms: Adobe FormsCentral Gets An Update

6 Reasons To Capture Data and Create Information With Online Forms: Adobe FormsCentral Gets An UpdateThink real fast, what’s the most popular plug-in on your browser – probably Flash and Adobe PDF.

With Adobe PDF reader you’re able to view PDF files that are sent to you and you can create PDFs others to ensure what you write is what they get.

Beyond static PDF’s many companies are using PDF’s to capture information.

Adobe FormsCentral is a powerful online service that enables businesses to do surveys and other data capture through a an online form and Adobe’s recently announced that they’ve upgraded FormsCentral so that not only can you capture information via a web form but you can also use PDF documents to capture information. Some people prefer PDF and some people prefer web forms, now you can satisfy both needs.

Data capture is serious business. For the upcoming Small Business Influencer Awards (sponsored by BlackBerry) Smallbiztechnology.com and Small Business Trends are using data capture as hundreds of people and companies nominate their nominees. There are probably thousands of other reasons your company does data capture – from surveys, to customer purchases to so much more.

There are many online capture tools out there, and not including survey only tools such as SurveyMonkey, Vertical Response, Constant Contact or Zoomerang, these services include Google Docs, Woofu, Zoho, Trackvia, QuickBase,Caspio, HyperOffice and dozens of other great tools.

You really have to try them out to know which one will work best for your business.

The advantage of capturing information through online forms is that:

  1. You can quickly share it with colleagues
  2. You can analyze the data to see trends
  3. You can quickly respond to specific form input – such as customer complaints
  4. You can build in intelligence to route data based on triggers
  5. The information is more accurate as several people are not re-writing the data into other forms
  6. The data can be shared on other platforms and services through programming integration

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