10 Reasons Twitter Is Bad and Good In your Business.

Some awesome advice from Infusionsoft’s GroSocial .

Ninety percent of small businesses have created a Facebook presence, but  many hesitate to create (or use) a Twitter profile to market their business. It’s easy to determine why: Twitter is different. With users throwing around @’s, #’s, and acronyms, it may seem a bit of foreign in comparison to the intuitiveness of Facebook. On the other hand, Twitter’s 288 million active users is a phenomenal audience for you to consider connecting with.

When you realize the benefits and drawbacks of Twitter, that you may better choose to tweet or to not tweet.

Twitter Pros

  1. Twitter is very large. Even though you’re a small business with a terribly unique niche, Twitter is large enough that you could find an audience.
  2. Every tweet goes in your followers. On Facebook, each post you’re making only goes out to a couple of your fans simply by Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm .
  3. On Twitter, unless you tweet on to someone, each tweet goes to all your followers.
  4. Tweets are easy to create. While many brands share links to longer content, a straightforward Tweet takes not up to a minute to jot down and send, but  can still be very effective. In the course of the Super Bowl power outage, Oreo’s “You can still dunk within the dark” tweet generated over 15,000 retweets.
  5. You can get to the purpose. Because you are limited to 140 characters, you must get to the purpose. On Twitter, you continue to have to be polite, but you will be more direct than on other platforms.

Twitter Cons 

  1. Twitter is busy. Twitter users generate 340 million tweets per day, and most users follow several hundred profiles. Because there isn’t any Edgerank,  if you just tweet a couple of times an afternoon, your tweets are quickly buried for your followers’ feeds.
  2. Twitter is not very ideal for visual content. Twitter is usually text based.
  3. If you could share many of photos, Pinterest or Instagram could be a better fit. (Then again, Tweets that come with a link to a photograph have twice the engagement of tweets with no photo .)
  4. You are limited to 140 characters. If in case you have trouble expressing your thoughts in only a couple of words, Twitter can be a challenge.
  5. Not everyone can advertise. While Twitter does allow for promoted tweets and profiles, you should be approved by Twitter before you need to use its promotion features. You’ll find out more about promoting what you are promoting on Twitter here .

To get noticed, you will need to tweet often through the day. This is much easier if you have a tweet scheduling tool like GroSocial’s content  manager .

Whether you make a decision to apply Twitter or not, we are hoping you could consider it on your social marketing efforts.

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